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Principle of bearing manufacturing in bearing grinder

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After the bearing grinder ring is rotated to the correct thickness, insert the inner ring into the outer ring; Then grind the grinder to the exact thickness, and then use the measuring instrument to check the thickness. Then the machine separates the inner ring from the outer ring and grinds the outer surface of the outer ring with different machines. The outer ring enters the mill, which grinds the surface into a precise circle with diameter accuracy, and uses water-soluble solution to prevent the bearing from overheating, which will cause the deformation of the bearing ring. After measurement, the bearing ring cannot leave the bearing mill.

The outer diameter of the bearing is machined into accurate roundness and size by a grinding disc machine equipped with oily coolant, and the inner ring and raceway are also completed by similar machines.

Polish the surface of the bearing ring with a grindstone coated with lubricant until it glitters.

Soak in the oil in the stone grinding tool and then wash it with kerosene.

The raw material for manufacturing the bearing is steel. The machine cuts the steel wire into several sections, then presses them into blank beads with a die base, and cuts off the protrusions on both sides with a grinder Another machine rounds and smoothes them,

After the ball is hardened by the furnace, it is cleaned with detergent. After quality inspection, the finished ball is sent to the tank. The groove is placed on the automatic assembly machine The ball feeder sends the ball to the propeller through the hose, the pusher pushes the correct number of balls into the raceway between the inner ring and the outer ring, and the ball distributor evenly arranges the balls in the raceway.

The metal frame can fix the ball on the raceway. A machine is first fitted with half a cage with slots Then the other carefully installed the other half of the cage. The machine turns the bearing for testing, then fully connects the two cages, and the bearing is installed at this point.

The vibration and noise detector detects whether the bearing can work quietly Some bearings need lubricating oil Apply lubricating oil evenly on the raceway of the machine, and then cover the rubber ring to seal the lubricating oil.

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