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Grinding principle and application method of centerless grinding machine

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Centerless grinding, also called centerless grinding, is a kind of grinding. There are two grinding wheels: guide wheel and grinding wheel. The guide wheel drives the cylindrical workpiece to rotate on the cushion block, and the grinding wheel has grinding effect on the workpiece. Centerless grinding belongs to peripheral grinding method.

The unintentional grinding method is composed of three organizations: grinding wheel, adjusting wheel and workpiece support (bracket). The grinding wheel is specifically used for grinding, and the adjusting wheel controls the rotation of the workpiece and makes the workpiece feed rate. For the workpiece support, which supports the workpiece during grinding, these three parts will have multiple matching methods, except for the termination of grinding, which is the same in principle.

Grinding method

1. The movable centerless cylindrical grinder with grinding wheel rack. The grinding wheel rack of this type of centerless grinder is fixed on the machine bed, and the guide wheel and bracket can be adjusted and moved relatively. During through grinding or grinding, the guide wheel, bracket and the workpiece can move together for cutting and compensation.

2. For centerless cylindrical grinding machine with movable grinding wheel rack, the bracket of this type of centerless grinding machine is fixed on the machine bed, and the grinding wheel rack and guide wheel rack can be adjusted relative to the bracket, and can be fed under special circumstances. The spindle of the grinding wheel and guide wheel of the centerless grinder mostly adopts the double support structure.

3. Inclined centerless cylindrical grinder, this type of grinding wheel and guide wheel center line incline to the plane α Corner. The bracket is fixed on the bed, and the grinding wheel and guide wheel spindle are of double supporting structure. The guide wheel frame can make adjustment movement relative to the bracket, and the grinding wheel frame can make cutter feed compensation movement.

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