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Influence of bearing regular inspection noise on accuracy level

Time:2022/12/22 12:45:00Seo:

Regular inspection of the bearing is very important to maintain the best condition of the bearing, and can also reflect the discovery of problems. Matters needing attention and relevant knowledge about bearing in use.

We want to emphasize that it is very important to keep the bearings lubricated and clean. Therefore, before we inspect the bearing, we should first clean the surface of the bearing, and then remove the parts around the bearing. It should be noted that the oil seal is a very fragile part, so extra care should be taken during inspection and disassembly, and excessive force should not be applied to avoid damage to the parts. Then carefully check the oil seal of the bearing and its surrounding parts. If there is a bad symptom, be sure to replace it. The bad oil seal will lead to the damage of the bearing, making the bearing cloud abnormal and causing the equipment shutdown.

Secondly, we should also check the lubricant of the bearing. Lubrication is very important, but please note that the bearing should not be greased too much.

Rub the two fingers with a little lubricant. If there are pollutants, they can be felt; Or apply a thin layer of lubricant on the back of the hand, and then conduct light sealing inspection.

After the old oil is drained from the bearings lubricated with oil, if possible, fresh oil should be added and the machine should be rotated at low speed for several minutes. Make the engine oil collect residual pollutants as much as possible, and then drain the engine oil. Note: The engine oil should be filtered before use. When replacing grease for grease lubricated bearings, the cutter used shall avoid any part of the bearing with cotton corners. Because these residual fibers may be wedged between rolling elements and cause damage, especially for small bearings.

In the design of mechanical devices, it is better to use standard bearings (this design refers to whether bearings are easy to purchase, so let's just say something else. Some types of bearings do exist in the catalog, but some non-standard bearings are not available in Chinese Mainland, and sometimes the future will take a long time, so the time cost and later replacement cost should be considered when selecting bearings). Bearing loads, loads imposed on bearings, their nature, size The direction is changeable. Generally, the rated base load is shown on the dimension table. However, axial load and radial load are also important factors for selecting suitable bearings. When the ball and needle roller bearings are of the same size, the bearings usually have a high load capacity and can withstand large vibration and shock loads.

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