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Grinding technology of grinding machine

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1. Side grinding problem: In the daily use of the grinder, we often find that some operators use the side of the grinding wheel to grind at will, regardless of the type of the grinder and the type of the grinding wheel, which seriously violates the safety operation rules. According to the regulations, the grinding wheel with the circumference as the working surface is not suitable for side grinding. This kind of grinding wheel has large radial strength and small axial strength. When the operator exerts too much force, the grinding wheel will break and even hurt people. Such behavior shall be prohibited in actual use.

2. Positive operation problem: In daily use, many operators are used to operating directly against the grinding wheel, because they can work hard in this direction. In fact, this behavior should be specifically prohibited in the operation of the grinder. According to the operating procedures, when grinding workpieces with a grinder, the operator should stand beside the grinding wheel and not operate in front of the grinding wheel, so as to avoid injury caused by the failure of the grinding wheel, the flying out of the grinding wheel or the flying out of the grinding wheel due to breakage.

3. Forced operation problem: When using the grinder, some operators, especially young operators, exert too much force due to too fast grinding speed, which is a very unsafe operation behavior. The flat body of any grinding wheel has a certain strength, which may cause the grinding wheel to be crushed or even fly out to hurt people, which is also a prohibited behavior.

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