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Dynamic and static spindle of ddjyz-a-b bearing grinder

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speed: 800-3500rpm

spindle rotation accuracy: ≤ 0.0005mm

applicable machine tool: bearing mill

features: high precision, high rigidity, high service life, high bearing capacity High vibration resistance

precautions for the use of dynamic and static pressure spindle

1. Replace 2 spindle oil and coarse and fine filter element after one year of normal use

2. Three layers of silk cloth must be filtered and added when Replenishing Oil in the normal use of the pump station

3. The loading and unloading of spindle pulley and grinding wheel must be carried out under the working state of pump station. That is, the spindle is carried out in the state of hydrostatic oil floating, so that the spindle will not be damaged

4. Before the grinding wheel spindle works, observe whether the pump station pressure and grinding head static pressure are within the specification range

5. When the equipment is shut down, be sure to stop the grinding head motor first, and then turn off the pump station after the grinding wheel stops stably, otherwise it is easy to damage the grinding head

when replacing any parts on the pump station, the high-pressure oil inlet hose connector must be removed first. After replacing the parts, the oil circuit circulates for 15-20 minutes before connecting the oil inlet pipe to the grinding head, so as to ensure that the main shaft oil entering the grinding head is ultra clean main shaft oil after fine filtration, which can prolong the service life of the dynamic and static pressure main shaft

technical parameters and characteristics of dynamic and static pressure grinding head

dynamic and static pressure spindle is a wear-free spindle supported by dynamic and static pressure oil film. It combines the advantages of dynamic and static pressure spindle and avoids its disadvantages. It will have broad application prospects in various high-precision CNC machine tools. Wide application range: suitable for high precision, high efficiency, heavy load, wide grinding wheel and other fields

radial runout of main shaft ≤ 0.001mm, axial runout ≤ 0.001mm

the spindle speed is related to the shaft diameter. If the shaft diameter is large, the speed is low, and if the shaft diameter is small, the speed is high. The speed range is 800-5000 / min

front and rear hydrostatic oil chamber seat temperature < 60℃。

the accumulator is powered off and the pressure is maintained for not less than 1 minute  

the spindle running noise is less than 65 dB

within the range of cutting conditions:   The main shaft shall work normally without abnormal noise

machined surface roughness Ra <0.6um

oil model: No. 2 main shaft oil

the oil supply pressure of the hydraulic station is 1.8-2.5mpa, and the main shaft can work normally

when installing ordinary grinding wheel, ensure that the linear speed is ≤ 60m / s to avoid safety accidents

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