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Grinder series

1310 cylindrical roller grinder

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1. Adopt efficient and stable automatic feeding, conveying and material handling system to effectively reduce labor cost and improve product quality and processing efficiency
2. It has the function of on-line priority of process parameters, adaptive control according to grinding allowance, and has the functions of dimensional error feedback and automatic adjustment, automatic processing and alarm of too large and too small grinding wheel, automatic pre stop of workpiece size and form and position tolerance, automatic alarm of equipment failure, etc
3. The external pre adjustment device is selected, which effectively improves the tooling replacement time, especially the support trace of the outer circle, so as to reduce the outer circle finishing process in the bearing processing process, so as to reduce the in-process products of the factory and improve the product quality
4. CBN Abrasives can be selected to improve product processing efficiency and product accuracy
5. Grease spindle can be selected to improve the working environment of the production plant and reduce the energy consumption of the plant by
processing range: roller outer diameter: φ 25~ φ 50 mm; Roller length: 25 ~ 60 mm; Radius of curvature R: 110 ~ 300 mm
requirements for roller processing blank:
item machining allowance (diameter direction)    It is required to be 0.03 ~ 0.06mm
the parallelism difference of the double end faces of the project is required to be 0.002mm
the flatness of the reference end face of the project   Machining accuracy of 0.002mm
roller is required:
item roundness   Requirements <0.0008mm
Project RA requirements <0.15 ~ 0.2um
project shape error Pt      It is required that <2um
Project outer diameter dimension deviation    Requirements <0.006mm
Project spherical curvature (measured by standard curvature meter) requirements: 0 ~ 0.25mm
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