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Grinder series

Bearing ring end grinder

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1、 Bearing ring single face grinder application occupation

this product is mainly used in air conditioning compressor, bearing, gear, auto parts, hydraulic and other occupations, and has also been recognized and praised by customers in this occupation

II. Characteristics of bearing ring single face grinder

1. The Chinese teachable operation interface enables even non-technical operators to operate

2. The CNC single face grinder for grinding aircraft parts is equipped with a complete set of CBN grinding wheels, which greatly provides the cost performance of the grinder

3. The grinding speed is 10 ~ 30s, which achieves efficient grinding of workpiece; Grinding beat ≤ 15s

4. The quality reaches the technical level of imported similar grinding machines, and the machining accuracy is ≤ 2 μ m;

5. The CNC end face grinder has the function of automatic anti-collision. The body protective cover adopts three transparent bulletproof glass to ensure the stability of the grinder

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