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Automobile wheel hub bearing outer ring groove grinder (generation I, II and III)

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Principle and structure of circular grinder

cylindrical grinder is divided into ordinary cylindrical grinder and general grinder. The cylindrical and conical surfaces of machined workpieces can be ground in the grinding process. An ordinary cylindrical grinder, a cylindrical grinder, the taper and end faces of machined parts can be ground in a general cylindrical grinder. The main parameter of cylindrical grinder is maximum diameter grinding

II. Work progress

cylindrical grinder is a kind of grinder, which takes two top circles as the center and uses the grinding wheel as a tool to grind cylindrical steel parts into accurate concentric machine tools (also known as top grinder or external grinder)


the host machine is composed of frame, head, tail, grinding head, driving device and vacuum cleaner

1 for the grinding wheel spindle bearing, conical cylindrical wedge bearing is adopted. At low speed, the grinding wheel spindle maintains high bearing stiffness

2 the grinding wheel guide rail adopts rigid cross roller guide rail, and the semi-automatic feeding mechanism adopts rotating cylinder

3 the shaft tail system has the characteristics of free clearance stiffness, and the electrical cabinet, hydraulic box and refrigerator are separated from the machine tool

4 concentration indicator and coolant filter

5 head speed has variable frequency stepless speed regulation function

6 the electrician adopts programmable controller (PC), which has self diagnosis function and convenient maintenance

7 optional automatic measuring instrument

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