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Ds-125 bearing inner and outer ring turning automatic line

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Composition: the whole automatic production line can flexibly form automatic and semi-automatic production lines with different forms and different lengths according to different processing process requirements of users; The machine tools are connected into a line through the conveying channel

automation: programmable controller is adopted for the whole line to realize automatic operation. After the blank is loaded into the automatic silo, the system processing can be carried out automatically, and the parts in processing can be checked by 2-3 operators. The production line is also equipped with special auxiliary machines to automatically detect, classify and count the processed parts one by one

production efficiency: the monthly output of three shift system is 500000-600000 sets; Cutting efficiency 2.5-3.5 seconds / set

accuracy and reliability: all purchased parts of the machine tool adopt components imported from Japan, high-quality quenching workbench, high-precision spindle components, complete box design, replaceable collet, fault alarm detection device and high-quality cutting tools to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the production line. The processed parts have high precision and small size dispersion

processing range: outer diameter φ 60-110mm, inner diameter φ 30-60mm, width b12-30mm

the automatic turning production line for bearing outer ring is an automatic turning line integrating Electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic, which is manufactured by Zhejiang Dongsheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

in addition to maintaining the machining accuracy of the workpiece during machining, the workpiece clamping device can also respond to abnormal conditions during clamping. If the workpiece is not clamped stably during clamping, the equipment will automatically stop processing in case of imbalance, and the design is relatively perfect

main parameters

spindle motor power: 1.5-7.5kg

spindle speed: 800-200r / min

spindle radial and radial runout: less than 0.005mm

processing beat: 2.5-5s

host weight: ≈ 1200kg

processing range: inner diameter φ 8-65mm, maximum outer diameter φ 120mm, maximum width 30mm

feed speed: longitudinal fast forward 5m / s, longitudinal slow forward 0-1m / s, transverse feed 0-3m / S

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