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How many grinding methods are there for centerless grinder?

Time:2022/4/28 13:40:00Seo:

There are three main grinding methods for centerless grinding machines; Through type, cut in type and cut through type, through type centerless grinding. The workpiece is fed along the axis of the grinding wheel for grinding. Adjust the slight inclination of the guide wheel axis to realize the axial feed of the workpiece. Suitable for grinding slender cylindrical workpiece. Short shaft and sleeve workpiece without central hole, etc. Cut in centerless grinding. The supporting plate is provided with an axial positioning fulcrum, and the workpiece is supported on a certain position of the supporting plate for grinding with a grinding wheel or guide wheel. It is used for grinding workpieces with shoulder or boss and workpieces with cones, spheres or other rotating bodies. Cut through centerless grinding is the combination of the two. In addition, there are tangential feed grinding and end face feed grinding to advance and retreat the workpiece with steps in the axial direction. The productivity of centerless cylindrical grinder is high. It is mostly used in mass production and easy to realize automation. Centerless grinder can automatically trim and compensate. The guide wheel feed guide rail is a double V-shaped needle roller guide wheel, which is fed by servo motor and can compensate each other with grinding wheel dressing. The machine tool is equipped with automatic loading and unloading mechanism, which can carry out automatic circular grinding of tapered roller superfinishing machine.

1. Continuous processing, no need to return the tool, clamping the workpiece, short replication time and high productivity.

2. The bracket and guide wheel positioning mechanism has better supporting rigidity than the center and center frame mechanism of ordinary cylindrical grinder, and the cutting amount can be larger. It is conducive to the processing of slender shaft workpieces, and is easy to realize high-speed grinding and strong grinding.

3. The workpiece of centerless cylindrical grinder is positioned on the positioning mechanism by the outer circle, and the grinding amount is the allowance on the workpiece diameter. Therefore, the wear of grinding wheel, the compensation of feeding mechanism and the repeated positioning accuracy error of cutting mechanism have an impact on the dimensional accuracy of part diameter. It is only half of the ordinary cylindrical grinder, without central hole, and it is easy to automate loading and unloading in advance.

4. The wide wheel centerless grinder has a through mechanism, which can increase the machining allowance each time. When cutting in grinding, it can form and grind the complex surface in turn or grind with multiple grinding wheels, with high productivity and wide application range.

5. The centerless cylindrical grinder has no mechanism to ensure the relative position accuracy (coaxiality, perpendicularity, etc.) between the grinding surface and the non grinding surface, and the roundness is poor when grinding the outer surface with intermittent circumferential direction.

6. The grinding surface is easy to produce odd times of edge roundness. If it is large, it will often cause the illusion that the measured size is less than the maximum solid size, which will affect the assembly quality and working performance.

7. The adjustment of the machine tool is complex and time-consuming. It is necessary to adjust the bracket height, distance and related process parameters every time the workpiece with different diameter is replaced. Therefore, it is difficult to adjust the technology, which is not suitable for small batch and single piece production.

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