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Application process of internal grinder

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Compared with lathes and milling machines, internal grinder adopts CNC system later because of its special requirements for CNC system. In recent ten years, with the help of numerical control technology, the operation functions of continuous dressing of grinding wheel, automatic compensation, automatic exchange of grinding wheel, automatic transmission and clamping of workpiece on grinding machine have been realized, and numerical control machining has been realized. Control technology is gradually popularized in surface grinder and internal grinder.

Application process of internal grinder

1. Check whether the oil level of oil pool and oil tank reaches the hydraulic index;

2. Check whether the oil grade and material meet the requirements of the operation manual;

3. Each operating handle (hand wheel) shall be placed in the closed or unloading position, the grinding wheel frame (grinding head) shall be in the backward position, and the moving parts shall not collide with each other;

4. Check whether the oil pump motor operates normally, and then check whether the pressure of oil circuit, auxiliary oil circuit and lubricating oil circuit meets the requirements of the operation manual. (for machine tools with unloading function requirements, reduce the pressure of the main oil circuit, turn the unloading operation handle to the stop position, and then check the pressure.

5. There is air in the oil cylinder and system, and then close the vent valve.

6. For the machine tool with hydraulic operation box, the on-off valve and speed regulating handle of the workbench shall be adjusted according to the provisions of the manual to make the workbench slow and the workbench short. Reciprocate several times within the distance of the machine. After the operation is normal, gradually increase it, and check whether the operation and reversing within the whole stroke are normal (the machine tool with workbench speed greater than 15m / min cannot immediately increase the stroke), and whether there is any influence and obvious reservation.

7. After the working table of the internal grinder runs normally, the rapid advance, retreat and feed experiments of the grinding wheel frame are carried out. Check whether there is impact when the grinding wheel frame moves quickly to the end position. Adjust the feed speed within the range. Check whether the action is normal.

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