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Main uses and practical range of CNC bearing grinder

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The machine tool is mainly used for grinding the outer surface of the bearing ring. The NC bearing grinder is a new generation of production machine tool with high precision and high efficiency. CNC bearing grinder is especially applicable to small batch and mass production. The high-speed grinding of NC bearing grinder refers to a grinding skill in which the linear speed of the grinding wheel is greater than 45 m / S. in the 1960s, the United States first successfully trial produced the high-speed grinder of 60 m / s. because it has the advantages of high grinding power, good surface quality and low grinding wheel wear, it has become an important development path. The practical experience of NC bearing grinder generally believes that the economic high-speed grinding speed is 50-60m / s. This speed is easy to complete with only appropriate modification of the machine tool in good original state. It has been popularized and applied in production in China.

High speed grinding of NC bearing grinder is mainly to improve power and accuracy. After the grinding speed increases, the number of abrasive particles entering the grinding area per unit time increases. If the cutting thickness of ordinary grinding is still maintained, the feed rate can be greatly increased, the production power can generally increase by 30-300%, and the metal removal rate per unit time can reach 10-30 mm.

With the in-depth study of the grinding mechanism of NC bearing grinder, as well as the development of finite element method, laser holography, computer-aided design, ergonomics and various new skills, and combined with traditional skills, the variety and quantity of grinder are improved. Power and precision have been greatly improved, but it is mainly concentrated in improving grinding power and precision.

After the CNC bearing grinder was put into operation for a period of time, the hydraulic oil consumption increased. After careful observation by the repairman, it was found that the dresser oil cylinder was leaking outward. The repairman removed the oil cylinder and observed the internal structure. It was found that the inner diameter surface of the oil cylinder end cover was worn. The end cover completes the oil seal through the precise fit between its inner hole and the shaft, and the wear in the application process is not considered in the planning.

During the application of NC bearing grinder, the unreasonable planning or installation of some structures will make the parts in the grinder appear defects prematurely, which will lead to the impermanence of the grinder.

Once there are shortcomings in the planning of NC bearing grinder, many subsequent problems will be formed. Therefore, it requires repairmen to be good at finding problems in fault analysis, find out the root causes of the problems, solve the problems in essence, and then save human and material resources in production and improve production power.

In view of this, two sealing grooves are planned on its inner hole, equipped with O-shaped sealing ring and polyurethane cup to strengthen the sealing effect. When there is oil leakage again in use, it only needs to replace the sealing ring, which not only has excellent application effect, but also reduces the production cost.

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