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Classification of grinding machines

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With the increase of the number of high precision and high hardness machine parts, the development of precision casting and precision forging technology, the performance, variety and output of grinding machines are continuously improved

1) Cylindrical grinder:

This is a common basic series, mainly used for polishing cylindrical and conical outer surfaces.

Internal grinder

This is a common basic series, mainly used for grinding cylindrical and conical inner surfaces. In addition, there is a grinder for internal and external grinding

3) Coordinate grinder:

Internal grinder with precise coordinate device.

4) Centerless grinder:

The machined parts are fixed without core, usually between the guide wheel and the support. Turn the steering wheel Grinding is mainly used for cylindrical grinding machines Such as bearing, shaft support, etc

Surface grinder

Grinding machines are mainly used to grind parts on a flat surface

The hand-held grinder is suitable for processing workpieces with small size and high precision. The processing forms are arc, plane, groove, etc. D。

B. Educational grinding machine is suitable for large-scale machining parts with low machining accuracy, unlike manual grinding machine.

Belt grinder:

Grinding machine for fast moving belt.

(7) Honing machine:

It is mainly used for processing various cylindrical holes (including smooth, axial or radial continuous surface holes, through holes, blind holes and multi-stage holes) and conical, elliptical and cycloidal holes.

8) Grinding machine:

A machine tool used to grind the flat or cylindrical inner and outer surfaces of parts.

(9) Rail mill:

It is mainly used for grinding the surface of guide machine tools

10) Tool grinder:

Grinding machine for grinding tools.

11) Multipurpose grinding machine:

It is a kind of grinder, which is used to grind the inner and outer surfaces of cylinders and cones or planes. It can grind all kinds of workpieces with servo transmission devices and accessories.

12) Special grinder:

A special machine tool for grinding some parts. Grinding objects can be divided into the following groups: grinding, crank, cam, tooth profile, thread grinding, etc.

13) End grinder:

Gear end grinder.

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