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Safety operation rules for CNC grinding machines

Time:2021-10-20 13:58:00Seo:

The main contents of the safety operation procedures for CNC grinding machines are as follows:

1. The coolant shall be properly selected to avoid problems and affect the cooling effect

2. If there are burrs on the workpiece, remove them before machining to avoid affecting the machining effect

3. When the grinding wheel is very close to the workpiece, use hand to observe whether the workpiece has bulge or depression

4. The machine tool should be kept clean and tidy. Before driving, check whether the position of handle and travel limit is correct

5. The extension of plane grinding wheel shall not exceed 25 mm, and the grinding wheel blocks shall be kept parallel

6. When the grinding wheel of the NC grinder does not stop completely, it is impossible to clean the coolant, grind and replace

7. If the grinding wheel is not sharp, it can be repaired with diamond

8. Install the grinding wheel lightly, especially the new grinding wheel. After installation, idle test run shall be conducted for ten minutes to observe whether there is deflection, vibration, etc. It can only be used when there is no problem

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