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Double row ball bearing inner ring groove grinder

Time:2021-11-17 11:39:40Seo:

It is mainly used for grinding the outer surface of bearings. It is a new generation of production machine tool with high precision and high efficiency. This machine tool is especially suitable for small batch production

1 automatic double axis digital grinder for bearing outer surface grinding, Taiwan with China's new generation grinding control system; The action of the main node can be adjusted separately on the machine tool control panel, which is simple, convenient, stable and reliable

2 it adopts centerless configuration, the grinding wheel shaft is attached to the bed, with high rigidity and strong seismic resistance. The oil supply of the main shaft is equipped with three-stage filter, thermostat and oil tank. Workpiece feed and grinding wheel compensation are located on both sides. Support the positioning of electromagnetic coreless fixture, and the parallel large grinding wheel collides with the groove of grinding bearing inner ring

III. the grinding wheel spindle adopts static pressure high stiffness spindle, uses three-stage incubator filter to supply oil for the spindle, adopts high-speed grinding, and the speed of the new grinding wheel is 60m / s

4 Mitsubishi servo motor drives the ball screw and high-precision linear guide rail to drive the sliding plate to feed. After the grinding disc is worn, it automatically compensates, providing a feeding system with sensitivity, accuracy and dynamic stiffness.

5 the machine tool adopts a fully automatic single arm loading and unloading device during loading and unloading, which is fast and reliable.

6 high stiffness double support arc machine tool for straightening. The straightening is rotated by a precision reducer. The speed is low, High accuracy. Depending on the shape of the workpiece surface, you can configure applications, linear correctors and blade patches

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