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The following four points should be paid attention to in the grinding process of precision surface grinder

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The following four points should be paid attention to in the grinding process of precision surface grinder:

1. In the grinding process, the front and rear bearings should be tightened continuously to improve the grinding power and ensure the accuracy of bearings

  2. During fine grinding, the abrasive shall be as few as possible, and the front and rear bearings shall be properly tightened to ensure the fine grinding accuracy of the front and rear bearings

  3. Remove the remaining abrasive at the end of the bearing at any time to prevent the bell mouth of the front and rear bearings

  4. After grinding for a certain time, take out the grinding rod, remove the abrasive in the grinding rod and front and rear bearings, and check the grinding

the precision surface grinder is composed of multiple parts. The working function must be improved to avoid errors in the production of goods

during the operation of the surface grinder, the rotation direction of the grinding rod should be the same as that of the grinding wheel shaft. We need to master these three elements 𞓜 in the process of using the surface grinder, we must pay attention to observation to ensure that the function of the grinder is normal and reliable for long-term operation. For the operator, to operate the surface grinder, he must master three elements:

  1. The configuration of grinding wheel, different grinding wheels of different materials, and sharp diamond pen for dressing grinding wheel. When the grinding wheel is stationary, the speed of the grinding wheel shall be adjusted to achieve the sharpness of the grinding wheel, so as to make the workpiece grinding smoother

  2. Sensory control. This feeling depends on years of experience. The workpiece to be ground is different. Be careful when pasting, slotting, fine grinding and polishing products. You need to work slowly and carefully. If kept clean, the grinder can be used for a long time. The grinder is comfortable to operate, the machine tool is clean, the accuracy can be maintained, and the product accuracy is high

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