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Avoid errors in the transformation of NC grinder

Time:2021-10-20 14:00:00Seo:

CNC grinding machine has many advantages in daily application. As long as it is set, there will be no errors and human improper operation. At the same time, with the passage of time, CNC machine tools will be damaged due to long-time work, and more difficult parts can be designed to meet the increasing demand of modern market for difficult parts. Now let's talk about how to avoid errors in the transformation of NC grinder

first, we should analyze why there are obvious errors after the transformation? It is formed under the influence of different factors, which depends not only on the azimuth accuracy of workpieces such as cutting tools, but also on the error in the planning process of grinder, the scale error of grinder parts and the error of grinder equipment. The grinder itself generates high temperature heat during operation. Not only the heat source inside the machine, but also the heat source in the external environment will lead to thermal deformation error

secondly, in the processing process, errors will also occur under the influence of external air flow, oscillation and humidity. Generally speaking, the vibration is caused by the self weight deformation and cutting force of the grinder. In addition, the wear of the spindle, cutter and workpiece fixture will also lead to the error of machining accuracy

finally, to sum up, the errors of NC grinder in machining are divided into the following categories: part size error, thermal deformation error, equipment error, oscillation error, servo following error, interpolation error Detection error. Controlling from the above aspects can avoid excessive errors in NC transformation and affect the quality of finished products. For CNC grinding machines, people are facing more and more problems in industrial production and creation. At the same time, with the continuous progress of technology, mechanized production is becoming more and more powerful. For people, how to solve problems with less human and material resources has become a reasonable path pursuit of our industrial production, and encourage workers to use more advanced maintenance technology for professional maintenance of CNC machine tools. Avoid excessive error in NC conversion and affect the quality of finished products

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