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Processing advantages of surface grinder and application method of measuring tools

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1、 The surface grinding machine has high precision and stable quality

the surface grinding positioning accuracy and repetition accuracy are high, which is easy to ensure the consistency of part size. As long as the process design and program are reasonable, correct and detailed, the precision and high precision of parts can be guaranteed, and it is also convenient for the quality control process

II. High degree of automation can reduce the manual labor intensity of the operator

for the program automatically input in the machining process, the operator needs to start the replacement of the cutter, EDM machine tool and cutter, load and unload the workpiece in the machining process, mainly to observe and monitor the operation of the machine

III. dimensioning shall conform to the characteristics of grinder processing

in NC programming, all points, lines and dimensions are based on the origin of programming. Therefore, give the coordinate dimension directly, or try to use the same reference size

IV. unified geometry type or size

the shape of parts and inner chamber adopts unified geometry or size, which can reduce the number of tool replacement, or use control program or special program to shorten the length of the program. The shape of the part should be as symmetrical as possible, so that it is easy to program the processing function using the mirror surface of plane grinding to save programming time

v. reliable positioning datum

on the grinder, the processing process tends to be centralized, and it is very important to use the same datum. Facilitate the development and modification of new products. Mill processing generally does not need many complex technologies and equipment. Complex shapes and high-precision parts can be processed through the processing program. When the product is modified and the design is changed, as long as the program is changed, there is no need for design tools. Therefore, the grinder can greatly shorten the product development cycle and provide a fast way for new product development, product improvement and product improvement

VI. it can develop to a higher level of manufacturing system

Abstract plane mill and its processing technology are the basis of computer-aided manufacturing

VII. High production efficiency

surface grinding can be clamped on multiple treated surfaces again, usually only tested first, so you can save many ordinary machine tools in the intermediate process. Due to the stable processing quality of grinding machine parts, it is convenient for the subsequent process, and the comprehensive efficiency is significantly improved

usage of surface grinding measuring tools

grinding machine is mainly used for grinding wheels around grinding wheels, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and other materials. Different clamping and positioning methods are adopted according to the material and shape of the workpiece. The general plane can be processed by electromagnetic suction or directly fixed on the workbench. Plane, right angle, arbitrary angle, cylindrical end face, etc. the application of surface grinding tools is briefly described

1. Take the required block gauge first (the number of block gauges for general size is 1-3, except for more than 3 block gauges for special size)

2. Compare the loss of block gauge on the tolerance table

3. Wipe the two smooth surfaces of the block gauge, and then force the two block gauges together, first in a cross shape, and then rotate into parallel and stick them together. When sticking, stick the ones with words on the outside

4. The selected block gauge value shall be very close to the measured size, within 0.005 μ Within

5. Timely return after use

II. Dial indicator of surface grinding measuring tool

1. The scale of each small grid is 0.002mm

2. The application range is ± 0.02mm, that is, in the zero position, ten grids on the left and ten grids on the right, the included angle between the meter and the vertical plane of the workpiece is inclined by 30

3. When checking the zero point, if the instrument is very small, the watch will hit right, and vice versa

4. The dial on the meter can be rotated to correct the zero point

5. The head of the watch needle is 0.4mm and 1.0mm, which can be selected with 0.4mm. These steps are less than 1. 00 mm, less than 1. The slope of a 1 0 mm pointer is greater than 1. 0 mm

III. micrometer of surface grinding measuring tool

1. The horizontal scale of the micrometer is 0.5mm and the longitudinal scale is 0.01mm

2. When measuring the size, first take the integer of the horizontal scale, which can be accurate to one digit after the decimal point, and then look at the value of the vertical scale. The zero scale shall prevail, and take the corresponding value

IV. digital display of surface grinding measuring tool

hold the ruler in your right hand, slide left and right at the thumb position, and clamp the edge of the caliper on the workpiece to be measured at the position (the edge should be parallel to the workpiece surface and cannot be placed obliquely, and then the value displayed on the display screen is the measured size

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