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Reasons for high efficiency of NC machining

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CNC machine tool is a modern developed machine. With the development of high technology, the application planning of high precision and ultra precision forming grinding machines is becoming more and more extensive. It consists of information carrier, numerical control equipment, servo system and machine tool body. Compared with the ordinary lathe, its processing capacity has been significantly improved. Some workpieces that were difficult or impossible to process in the past can also be processed. The production of specific grinding machines is more and more accepted by users. Let's analyze the above four core components of CNC machinery

information carrier, i.e. perforated paper tape, perforated card, magnetic tape and magnetic disk, is used to record the programming content and transmit it to the NC equipment through photoelectric paper tape reader, magnetic tape driver, magnetic disk driver and other reading equipment

numerical control equipment is the core of numerical control machinery, which is usually called NC (general numerical control equipment) or CNC (computer numerical control equipment). Numerical control is a way of the early development of numerical control machinery. Now most of the numerical control machinery adopts numerical control system. The function of NC equipment is to read the processing information input by the equipment, announce the corresponding command pulse to the servo system after decoding and calculation, and complete the part processing

servo system is the executive part of NC machine tool, which is composed of motor and transmission equipment. The servo system receives the command pulse signal from the NC equipment to control the displacement and speed of the executive parts (worktable or tool holder) of the machine tool

the machine tool body is mainly a mechanical part, including main moving parts, feed moving parts, support parts, etc. In terms of NC mechanical parts, the structure of mechanical parts is simpler than that of general machine tools, but its technical requirements are higher than that of general machine tools

when machining on NC machine, first prepare the program according to the part drawing, and most of the programming codes and instruction modes comply with ISO and corresponding specifications. Then input the program into NC or CNC through the information carrier, and the NC system announces the instruction according to the program content. On the one hand, the motor in the servo system controls the movement of the executive parts of the machine tool through the transmission equipment, on the other hand, it controls other auxiliary movements of the machine tool, such as spindle speed, steering selection, start and stop of the cooling pump, etc

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