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Main Parts, Fixtures and Adjustment Methods of Internal Grinder

Time:2022/10/28 14:36:00Seo:

In terms of specific types of mills, there is an internal grinder. From the current situation, this kind of mill is very common, very common. Therefore, we must fully understand it, so that we can better play its role, and better play its role.

1. Can the manufacturer of internal grinder have other products? For example, CNC internal grinder, single end grinder, double end grinder and internal hole grinder are all specific and common types of grinders. In this way, we can enrich the product variety of manufacturers, and at the same time, we can also let buyers have a variety of different choices.

2. What are the main components of the internal grinder?

The main part of the internal grinder is the lathe bed. Moreover, from a professional point of view, the lathe bed is the basic supporting part of the grinder, on which there are grinding wheel racks, workbenches, headstocks, tailstock, transverse saddles and other parts, so that these parts can maintain accurate relative positions when working. In addition, there is an oil pool for hydraulic oil inside the bed.

3. Are the grinding methods for different types of internal grinder the same? What fixtures will be used when installing workpieces on internal grinder?

From a professional point of view, the grinding methods of different types of internal grinder are different. When installing workpieces on an internal grinder, V-shaped supports, core chucks, three claw levers and other clamps are generally used, and they are also frequently used.

4. Alignment of internal grinder

The alignment of internal grinder is as follows:

Magnetic gauge base and dial indicator can be used. First, roughly adjust the position of the workpiece with needle and thread, and then align the magnetometer with the contactor of the indexing meter. As for the quantity and tension of loosening, it depends on this.
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