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Bearing ring internal grinder

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the rolling bearing ultra-automatic grinding line is an ultra-automatic machining line for the inner and outer ring grinding of small and medium-sized rolling bearings. This assembly line is composed of multiple hosts and auxiliary equipment such as external detection and feeding. In the high precision and high automation of the machine tool, high stability, high efficiency, 1. Adaptive control system can be selected to eliminate free travel. All control systems and precision mechanical parts are selected by international well-known brands to ensure high processing stability, high precision, high efficiency and long machine life of the production line;

2. It has the function of online priority of process parameters, adaptive control according to grinding allowance, dimension error feedback and automatic adjustment, automatic processing and alarm of too large and too small grinding wheel, automatic pre stop of workpiece size and geometric tolerance, automatic alarm of equipment failure, etc.

3. The efficient and stable automatic feeding, conveying and material handling system is adopted to effectively reduce the labor cost and improve the product quality and processing efficiency; 4. The external preset device is selected to effectively improve the tooling replacement time, especially the support trace of the outer circle, so as to reduce the outer circle finishing process in the bearing processing process, so as to reduce the in-process products and improve the quality of the factory Improve the quality of products;

5. CBN Abrasives can be selected to improve product processing efficiency and product accuracy;

6. Grease spindle can be selected to improve the working environment of the production plant and reduce the energy consumption of the plant by up to.

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