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Common types and characteristics of internal grinder

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The main use of internal grinder has long been clear to everyone. It is mainly used to produce cylindrical, tapered or other types of internal thread surfaces and internal holes of workpieces; In fact, it is not only a fully functional internal grinder, but also has a variety of options. Its main uses include ordinary internal grinder, planetary internal grinder, unintentional internal grinder, coordinate CNC grinder and professional internal grinder. If the configuration of the grinding wheel shaft is different, the internal grinder can be divided into vertical type and column type.

Although they belong to internal grinding machines and their main purposes are basically the same, different types of products have different structural designs and different application ranges. Therefore, many customers should learn to correctly identify and effectively use internal grinder when choosing internal grinder. For example, in an ordinary internal grinder, the workpiece is clamped by a three jaw chuck mounted on the spindle of the head frame machine tool to perform a circular feeding movement. The grinding wheel carrier is driven by the console and moves vertically and repeatedly along the slide rail of the machine body, thus promoting the head frame to perform a horizontal feeding exercise along the sliding saddle. When the large planetary internal grinder works, the workpiece is fixed. The grinding wheel not only revolves around its own centerline at high speed, but also revolves around the centerline of the machining hole to complete the circumferential feeding. Therefore, the internal grinder is suitable for cutting large and medium-sized workpieces or workpieces that are not suitable for rotation, such as gas turbine cylinder liners.

Unintentional internal grinder is also a very common internal grinder. When working, the inner hole of the workpiece is supported on a roller or a support block, and the inner hole of the workpiece is sucked up by a magnetic three jaw chuck and driven to rotate to ensure the coaxiality of the inner and outer circles. Due to its high degree of intelligence, it has significant advantages in mass production, so it can efficiently cut and process large quantities of goods. In addition, they have some similarities with internal grinder. For example, they are equipped with fast jump organization and vertical stop equipment. Therefore, the grinding wheel shall be taken out and accurately measured or repaired to reduce the auxiliary time. In addition, the operating platform of the internal grinder is equipped with safety interlock devices to ensure the safety factor during loading, unloading, handling and accurate measurement.

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