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Which materials are commonly used to manufacture the dynamic and static bearing?

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Hydrostatic bearing is a kind of sliding bearing, which is a kind of forced injection of pressure oil into the very narrow gap between the bearing and the shaft through the pressure pump. This is an important part of many machines, because there are a lot of raw materials, so a lot of materials are needed to make it. It mainly includes metal, porous metal, nonmetal, etc. Metal is a common bearing alloy, bronze, aluminum base alloy, zinc base alloy, etc.

Among them, bearing alloy is mostly used, which is specially made for bearing design. The alias of bearing alloy is white alloy, which is mainly an alloy made of lead, tin, antimony or other metals. It has good friction resistance, which can prevent the dynamic and static pressure bearings from deformation or wear in long-term use. The use of this kind of alloy can effectively improve the life of dynamic and static pressure bearings, and it also has good plasticity.

There is also the use of metal materials. Generally speaking, plastic is used more. Plastic bearings have good compressive strength and wear resistance. They can also be lubricated with oil and water. They also have self-lubricating properties. But they also have the problem of plastic, which is poor thermal conductivity. Therefore, the dynamic and static pressure bearings made of plastic are generally not recommended to be used in machinery that will generate high heat. However, it is suitable for children to play with toys, which is not only safe but also much cheaper. It is a very affordable thing for enterprises.

It should be understood that the dynamic and static pressure bearing is a very precise and small part. If there is a slight deviation, it can not be used generally. Even forced use is not good for the whole machine, and good words with good plasticity are more convenient for its processing and manufacturing. Its good thermal conductivity is also one of the reasons why it has become one of the raw materials of the dynamic and static pressure bearings. Parts such as the dynamic and static pressure bearings will inevitably generate a certain amount of heat when running. If the heat cannot be transferred, the loss of the dynamic and static pressure bearings is quite serious.

Hydrodynamic bearings generally need lubricating oil because of its strong adsorption capacity. Lubricating oil is used for bearing of dynamic and static bearings, which can effectively reduce the friction of bearing capacity of dynamic and static bearings, and improve the working efficiency of dynamic and static bearings. If the oil adsorption capacity of the hydrodynamic bearing is not strong, once the lubricating fluid sticks to it, it is equivalent to a waste of lubricating oil. Therefore, the hydrodynamic and hydrostatic bearings must have good oil absorption.

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