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The following four points should be paid attention to in the grinding process of precision surface grinder

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The following four points should be paid attention to in the grinding process of precision surface grinder:

1. Remove the residual abrasive at the end of the bearing at any time to prevent the front and rear bearings from exposing the bell mouth

2. During grinding, the front and rear bearings shall be adjusted continuously to improve grinding power and ensure bearing accuracy

3. During fine grinding, try to reduce abrasives and properly tighten the front and rear bearings to ensure the finishing accuracy of the front and rear bearings

4. Handle control depends on years of experience. When different operators are on the same grinder, the workpiece to be ground is different. When pasting, be careful when slotting, fine grinding and polishing products

to operate a surface grinder, you need to master three elements

during the operation of the surface grinder, attention must be paid to observation to ensure the normal and reliable function of the grinder, so as to maintain the operation for a long time. For operators, three main factors need to be mastered to operate the surface grinder:

1. Configuration of grinding wheel: different materials are used for grinding wheel, and sharp diamond pen is used for grinding wheel dressing. When the grinding wheel is stationary, the rotation speed of the grinding wheel shall be adjusted to achieve the sharpness of the grinding wheel and make the workpiece grinding more smoothly

2. The grinder is very hygienic. If it is kept clean, the grinder can be used for a long time. This requirement is very important. It seems ordinary, but we must adhere to it. Just as people dress neatly, the desktop is clean and people are comfortable to operate the grinder. Moreover, the cleanliness keeps the accuracy of the machine unchanged, which can maintain the accuracy and produce products with high accuracy

3. After grinding, take out the grinding rod, remove the abrasive in the grinding rod and front and rear bearings, and check the grinding condition

precision surface grinder consists of many parts. In the production process, in order to make the rotation direction of the grinding rod consistent with the operation rotation direction of the grinding wheel shaft, it is necessary to improve the working function, so as to help produce goods without error

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