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Maintenance of pneumatic oil mist system of NC lathe

Time:2021-10-13 10:06:00Seo:

In CNC lathe system, oil mist system is a very important place. Because the oil mist threatens our body understanding, we need to take it seriously, do a good job in daily protection and maintenance, try not to threaten our body shape with danger, and hope that the CNC Lathe will continue to innovate and fundamentally deal with this problem. It is not a day or two to deal with the problem thoroughly. We should start with daily protection and maintenance

1. Select appropriate filter to remove impurities and moisture in compressed air

2. Check the oil supply of the oil mist eliminator in the system to ensure that there is an appropriate amount of smooth oil in the air to smooth the pneumatic components and avoid air leakage and component action failure due to rust and wear

3. Adhere to the tightness of the pneumatic system and regularly check the replaced seals

4. Pay attention to adjusting the working pressure

5. Check regularly to clean or replace pneumatic components and filter elements

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