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What are the relevant features of automatic surface grinder?

Time:2021-10-8 9:28:00Seo:

The basic purpose of surface grinder is to process parts. It can process not only high hardness materials such as cemented carbide, but also brittle materials such as glass. Surface grinding machines can be divided into manual and automatic. Compared with manual surface grinder, the characteristics of automatic surface grinder are more obvious

first, electromechanical surface grinding machines are becoming more and more popular. With the development of numerical control technology. The three-way movement adopts electromechanical transmission, and the longitudinal movement adopts linear motor or ball screw servo motor structure to replace radial hydraulic transmission

Second, use advanced functional components to improve the performance of the grinder. In addition to the existing hydrostatic guide rail, the new driving technology adopts the increasingly popular linear motor and linear rolling guide rail. Compared with linear drive, the energy consumption is more than 10 times lower and will not generate heat. In addition, for automatic surface grinder, the dressing technology of grinding wheel is also constantly improved and perfected

the third is the trend of high speed. The motion speed of automatic surface grinder has been greatly improved. The high speed of grinding wheel linear speed and worktable motion speed has become a general trend. It adopts advanced functional component technology such as linear guide rail, linear motor and static pressure screw

4. Miniaturization, practicality and compounding of grinding. Grinding is a flexible grinding system, which is based on electromechanical and computer technology. Compound machining has become the direction. The machine tool has developed from simple replacement of grinding head to mixed replacement of grinding wheel, milling cutter and drilling tool. In this way, all processes can be completed by clamping the workpiece once

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