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Introduction to multiple machining processes of precision surface grinder

Time:2021-10-20 13:55:00Seo:

With the development of society, the degree of mechanization is gradually deepened. Grinding is one of the main methods of precision machining of mechanical parts. It is widely used and is an inevitable development trend. Precision machining manufacturers ranked second. When developing precision machining services, manufacturers must strive for perfection at every minute stage, and the surface grinder, which plays an important role in the machining process, is bound to have a certain development

with the higher and higher requirements of modern machining on precision surface grinder, people began to adopt the requirements of multi process centralized machining. What are the requirements for this treatment

in order to improve the machining efficiency, it is necessary to complete the multi process centralized processing of complex parts in one clamping, and gradually reduce the boundaries of simultaneous interpreting, such as milling, drilling, reaming and expanding. This is the way to improve machining efficiency. Moreover, the contour dimension of the roll extruded by the surface grinder is the same as that of the part. There is a straight chute with different radial distances on the circumference of the roll, with a width of 1.5 ~ 2.5 mm and a depth of more than 2.5 mm above the low point of the formed part. The groove mainly acts as a cutting edge and can accommodate the extruded sand. The material forms an oblique angle of 10 ~ 15 with the center line of the extrusion wheel, and the iron sheet is embedded in 1 ~ 2 straight grooves. After extrusion finishing, the iron sheet is also processed and formed. The iron sheet can be used to check the grinding profile and formed grinding wheel or reverse roller

with the requirements of advanced manufacturing and production automation technology, a variety of machining processes of precision surface grinder not only improve the machining efficiency, but also improve the machining accuracy. The application of surface grinder will be more and more widely

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