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Self aligning bearing inner race grinding machine

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It is mainly used for processing various cylindrical holes (including smooth, axial or radial continuous surface holes, through holes, blind holes and multi-stage holes), as well as conical, elliptical and cycloidal holes. The honing machine is used to move the grinding belt quickly. Abrasive belt grinder impurity

1 grinding wheel spindle system adopts high-precision spindle bearing, grinding disc spindle is driven by low vibration motor

2 precision ball screw support bearing is used for vertical and horizontal feed, and high-precision ball screw special bearing is used to ensure normal operation EVA and radial clearance and accuracy

3 use national digital control system (knd or GSK) to create two axes of XZ axis

digital machine tool is a modern technology nia and main component of machine tool, which is composed of information carrier and digital control servo system

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