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Ball bearing outer ring groove grinder

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the whole line of ball bearing outer ring groove grinder has the following characteristics:

   1. Select efficient and stable active feeding, conveying and material handling system to effectively reduce labor cost and improve product quality and processing power

2. The selection of external preset equipment effectively improves the replacement tooling time, especially the support trace of the outer circle, so as to reduce the outer circle finishing process in the bearing processing process, so as to reduce the factory's work in progress and improve the product quality

3. World advanced technologies such as adaptive control system, elimination of empty distance and anti-collision can be selected. All control systems and precision mechanical parts are selected from world-famous brands to ensure that the production line has the characteristics of high product processing stability, high precision, high power and long machine tool life

4. Be able to select the grease spindle, improve the working environment of the production plant and reduce the energy consumption of the plant together

5. It has the function of on-line priority of process parameters, adaptive control according to grinding allowance, and has the functions of dimensional error feedback and active adjustment, active processing and alarm of too large and too small grinding wheel, active pre stop of workpiece size and shape and position service, active alarm of equipment failure, etc

6. CBN Abrasives can be selected to improve product processing power and product accuracy

we have not only made comprehensive planning and innovation in the aspects of high stability, high power, high precision, high initiative and low energy consumption of machine tools, but also optimized the production process of bearings in combination with the experience of high-end enterprises at home and abroad. The rolling bearing grinding ultra-active line is the ultra-active processing of the inner and outer rings of small and medium-sized rolling bearings. This line is tested by multiple hosts and outside the machine It is composed of auxiliary equipment such as food handling

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