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Structure and maintenance of dynamic pressure spindle of grinder

Time:2022/8/26 14:31:00Seo:

In terms of equipment maintenance, the grinding dynamic pressure spindle requires high precision, high mechanical strength and stable work. However, there are also great risks in the maintenance of the dynamic pressure spindle during the maintenance process. Therefore, the maintenance technology cannot be transferred. In case of slight negligence, the newly repaired power pressure shaft will be stuck on the pad, resulting in repair accidents and damage to the new equipment. Therefore, maintenance personnel must have high technical quality, good psychological quality and patient debugging to achieve. Next, I will introduce some dynamic pressure spindle structures I have encountered.

1. The grinding machine of cylindrical grinder and grinder generally adopts the bearing seat assembly, and the bearing seat assembly consists of three sets of five pieces. Ceramic tile is our common name. It should be called sliding bearing and power bearing. Because the dynamic pressure of the grinding wheel is generally large, the main bearing bush structure is adopted. If roller bearings are used, ripples will be generated and the workpiece problem is small. Large grinding machines or large load-bearing dynamic pressure spindles need a static pressure bearing, and the structure is a static pressure bearing and a dynamic pressure bearing. But I haven't seen it yet. I just heard from my colleagues. Later I will repeat the difference between hydrodynamic bearings and hydrostatic bearings. The dynamic bearing is a starting bearing with large friction, and the radial resistance of the dynamic and static bearings is large after normal operation. Therefore, there are high requirements for the clearance between bearing bush and ceramic tile and the distribution of contact points, which requires maintenance personnel to carefully scrape the bearing. In the post-processing, it is also necessary to understand the processing process in order to produce a very high-precision dynamic pressure spindle for people to use. For various reasons, it is not convenient for us to disclose too much about the process. In addition, the dynamic balance of the dynamic pressure spindle is also very important, and everything can be done best if conditions permit. In this way, the dynamic pressure spindle in use can be both fine machined and good.

2. For internal grinder, the dynamic pressure spindle of this grinder is generally of roller bearing structure. Because the grinding wheel is small, the operating load is small, and the operating speed is high, it is not suitable for dynamic and static pressure structure. At the same time, due to the high speed, generally between thousands and 2000 rpm, there are clear requirements for bearings and lubricating grease.

3: The structure of the motorized pressure spindle of the surface grinder and grinder is more important. The pressure and static pressure are the same. Only the shaft length is the same. For bearings of different specifications, such as bricks, sections, pipes, fans and the first three rollers, the length of the first three shafts is different. The shape of the pipe is the same as that of the single cone tube and the double cone tube. The source will be very different. There is a special structure. Its rotor and dynamic pressure shaft are not integrated, but are installed on two parts (the dynamic pressure shaft is a combination of a surface grinding machine rotor)!

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