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Some precautions for static and dynamic pressure spindle

Time:2022/6/11 10:51:00Seo:

The dynamic and static spindle of grinding wheel is an important part of grinder. Although the cost of grinding wheel is not high, it seriously restricts the progress and development of grinder spindle. Generally speaking, the rolling bearing structure is basically a small grinder, and the grinding wheel of a large grinder is a hydrostatic bearing structure. Hydrostatic bearing has low friction coefficient and high precision.

For the grinding wheel of the grinder, a certain oil film will be formed during startup. Too much or too little oil film will seriously affect the service life of the grinder spindle. Therefore, reducing the failure of grinding wheel spindle bearing is a problem we have been exploring. In order to find out the causes, the repair process and assembly adjustment method were improved, and the service life of the grinding wheel spindle bearing was prolonged.

The quality level of grinding wheel spindle bearing directly affects the quality and stability of machined workpiece. There are generally two kinds of rolling bearings and sliding bearings. However, the development level of the existing main sliding bearings is very high.

The existing hydrodynamic bearings, hydrostatic bearings, hydrodynamic bearings and hydrostatic bearings have been studied for a long time. Rayleigh equation is usually used to calculate the boundary conditions. Hydrostatic bearings can establish the necessary bearing oil film in a completely static environment. When starting the hydrostatic bearing rotor, first start the hydrostatic lubrication system to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the system. In other words, when the bearing system works, a certain pressure oil film will appear on the dynamic and static spindle.

When the dynamic and static pressure spindle needs to rotate, there will be a row of step effects between its bearings, which will naturally form a certain dynamic oil film, thus forming a certain dynamic pressure bearing system. Hydrostatic bearings are characterized by the need for the necessary oil pump system to provide pressure oil. The dynamic pressure bearing has large starting torque and is easy to heat up.

When the working conditions of the dynamic and static spindle are different, the related accuracy and stability are also different. Hydrodynamic bearings do not require additional pressure systems. Generally speaking, the material of the main shaft bearing will seriously limit the quality of the bearing itself. In terms of the manufacturing process and the quality of the spindle itself, there is a serious gap with foreign countries, but the material itself is the main factor, followed by its manufacturing process and bearing design.

The grinding wheel shaft and bearing bush of the grinder need to transmit speed and torque and bear the necessary load in the working process, which means that the static and dynamic spindle will have friction, wear and other problems. When purchasing, we should also pay attention to a series of problems such as the quality selection of static and dynamic pressure spindle manufacturers. Hangzhou hangkun company guarantees that every batch of static and dynamic spindle parts have been strictly inspected from production to R & D, and the product quality and safety can be assured.

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