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What should be paid attention to in order to prevent damage of dynamic and static pressure spindle?

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The dynamic and static pressure spindle is a kind of sliding bearing. It is a sliding bearing that uses the pressure pump to lubricate the oil pressure into the small gap between the bearing and the shaft. Static bearings are suitable for a wide range of working conditions, from precision instruments with a load of grams to heavy equipment with a load of thousands of tons.

As a precision part, the static and dynamic spindle should be used with caution. Even if high-performance bearings are used, if they are not used properly, they cannot play their performance and are easy to damage the bearings. There are many reasons for damage, such as overload, seal failure, etc. Therefore, if the damaged bearing is checked in time, the possible cause can be found in most cases. According to statistics, 30% of the fatigue damaged bearings are caused by poor lubrication, accounting for 30%. In fact, incorrect installation and handling can damage the bearings.

In order to prevent damage to the hydrostatic spindle, four points should be noted:

1. Use proper and accurate installation tools correctly.

2. Carefully the installation instructions during installation.

3. Keep the bearing environment clean.

4. Do not use blisters to avoid bearing rust.

The pipeline monitoring and temperature control mechanism composed of flow relay, pressure relay, temperature control box and other components can monitor the temperature of hydrostatic oil and the flow and pressure at each outlet of series gear pump set in real time. Achieve the purpose of protecting the static bearing.

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