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Innovation and application fields of dynamic and static spindle technology

Time:2024/5/8 16:44:00Seo:

The technological innovation of dynamic and static pressure spindles is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Ultra high speed machining: The dynamic and static pressure spindle forms a static pressure bearing oil film by injecting constant pressure oil, forming a combination of dynamic pressure oil wedge, static pressure oil chamber, and deep and shallow oil chamber, which has the ability to adapt to low-speed heavy-duty machining and ultra high speed operation.

2. Pre tension switching: The dynamic and static pressure spindle has the function of automatically switching pre tension, ensuring stability and accuracy under high-speed operation, greatly improving processing efficiency.

3. Replacement and filtration of the second main shaft oil: The dynamic and static pressure main shaft needs to be regularly replaced with the second main shaft oil and the coarse and fine filter element to ensure its normal operation.

4. Loading and unloading of pulleys and grinding wheels: The dynamic and static pressure spindle needs to be loaded and unloaded with pulleys and grinding wheels in the working state of the pump station to ensure the stability of its working state.

5. Technical maintenance and upkeep: The dynamic and static spindle can provide higher processing efficiency when operating at higher speeds, but requires higher technical maintenance and more frequent upkeep.

6. Wide application areas: Dynamic and static pressure spindles are widely used in various fields, such as ultra high speed machining centers, fully automatic CNC bearing outer ring groove grinding machines, rolling bearing inner ring turning automatic lathes, etc.

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