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The working principle and structural characteristics of dynamic and static pressure spindles

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The working principle of the dynamic and static pressure spindle is to inject a constant pressure of oil into the bearing, forming a static pressure bearing oil film, thereby achieving support and rotation of the spindle. This oil can be forcibly injected into the sliding bearing between the bearing and the shaft through a pressure pump.

The structural characteristics of the dynamic and static pressure spindle are a combination of dynamic pressure oil wedge, static pressure oil chamber, and deep and shallow oil chamber. This structure enables the dynamic and static pressure spindle to maintain stability, good rigidity, and high smoothness during operation.

The working modes of the dynamic and static spindle include normal mode, high-definition mode, ultra-high definition mode, etc., and different modes correspond to different file sizes. When using the dynamic and static spindle, it is necessary to pay attention to replacing the second spindle oil and the coarse and fine filter element, and to load and unload the pulley and grinding wheel while the pump station is in operation.

The dynamic and static pressure spindle is a high-precision machining equipment, and its purpose of checking machining accuracy is to ensure that the machining accuracy meets the requirements, improve product quality and usage effect. The inspection methods include outer diameter accuracy, roundness accuracy, axial runout, radial runout, and surface roughness.

Overall, the dynamic and static pressure spindle is a sliding bearing that forcefully injects oil into the bearing and shaft through a pressure pump. It is suitable for high-speed and light load machine tool spindles, such as centerless grinding, roller grinding, etc. It is widely used in the processing of high-precision components, such as high-precision spindles, screws, turntables, guide rails, and other moving components.

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