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Cylindrical roller bearing outer ring edge grinder

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Basic structure and features

1 Digital AC servo control system (PLC or CNC), color screen display, dialogue with computer, fault self diagnosis. Equipped with electronic pulse

2 use horizontal guide rail

3 servo motor is used to send the processed parts to the trolley and grinding wheel trolley

4 cut the edge of the workpiece. During the grinding process, the processed workpiece moves backward to improve the accuracy and prevent scalding

5 electromagnetic shell less clamp, remote control magnetization degaussing controller, control panel, magnetic field adjustment

6 axis is processed by telescopic mode and variable frequency speed

7 grinding wheel spindle adopts high-precision spindle to realize high-speed grinding and 60m / s frequency adjustment

8 three diamond pencils are used to trim the outer circle and end circle of the grinding wheel

9 manipulator is used for forced automatic loading and unloading

10 the machine tool is equipped with a centralized lubrication system to lubricate the screw periodically, quantitatively and timely

11 the machine tool is equipped with cleaning and flushing devices to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the machine tool

12 the machine tool adopts cast iron frame and secondary manual treatment to ensure high precision of the whole machine

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